Advantages of the system

  • Handy and simple interfaces – allow the analyst to set up rather complex rules of data classification without additional programming
  • High capacity – enables to handle traffic with minimum configuration in real-time with speed up to 100 Mbit/s
  • Scalability – provides system extension in accordance with development of telecommunication infrastructure of a company with the ability to increase the speed of the processed traffic to 30 Gbit/sec
  • Module structure – enables flexible configuration suitable for the existing telecommunication infrastructure of the organization, extends the functionality of a module
  • Support of different security policies – there is a possibility to adapt the system to any chosen security policy of the company
  • Multilanguage support – data traffic is analyzed in English and Russian. The list of languages can be extended and can include: Catalan, Slovakian, Armenian (Eastern), Latvian, Tatar, Armenian (Grabar), Lithuanian, Turkish, Armenian (Western), German, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, German (new spelling), Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian (Bokmål), French, Dutch (Belgium), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Croatian, Dutch (Standard), Polish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (standard), Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian languages
  • Reliable architecture – provides integrity and security of the data