System integration

System integration includes:

  • survey of telecom infrastructure of the organization, taking into account the objectives of the Customer, to prevent leaks of sensitive data;
  • recommendations for license contents and configuration of hardware and software of the “Business Guardian” system;
  • installation of the system;
  • training of the Customer’s staff.

The cost of system integration does not include the cost of the license for the system, needed to achieve the goals of the Customer to prevent leakage of sensitive data, and is determined on the hourly basis by the cost of works performed by ITERANET specialists in surveying, issuing recommendations, installation and customer training.

System support includes the following:

  • consulting on operation of the system;
  • remote settings recovery;
  • update of the system within the version purchased.

Cost of support of 1 software component depends on the speed of traffic handled.

The visit of ITERANET specialist, as can be requested by the Customer to his object, is paid on an hourly basis.

Consulting services include the following:

  • set up of rules for content-analysis (structure of the rubricator) of the system according to the requirements of the security policy and other regulations of the Customer;
  • update / adaptation of the system with account of Customer’s requirements.

The cost of consulting services is determined on an hourly basis.