BG Appliance is a turnkey solution

BG Appliance -ideally suited for small and medium businesses, as well as those companies which do not have their own state for information security professionals. Just check out how you can easilly integrate BG Appliance…

BG Standard — product for your security departament

BG Standard — designed for small, medium and large (without branch network) business. This product suites companies who have their own IT staff specialists and/or own security service. Show BG Standard for your security dep. specialists — they will like it!

BG Enterprise — for branch networks and large corporations

BG Enterprise — intended for government and commercial organizations with geographically distributed structure or network branches with formed security policy (companies working with the State secret). Check out how BG Enterprise can guard big branch networks…

BG Consulting — security systems integration in the existing structure

BG Consulting — Individual integration of security systems in the existing structure; suitable for companies who refused to use DLP third-party systems or development of additional functionality DLP system. BG Consulting suitable for companies who are preparing for ISO 27000 certification. Learn more about professional security integration methods

Buisness Guardian Web Scan

BG Web Scan — socail networks, sites and forums monitoring

BG Web Scan — efficient way to obtain user information from various sources on the Internet using an automated monitoring. With automatic notification system user won’t miss important events for him: the publication of confidential information in the Internet, negative reviews about the company or brand, information about the activity of the competitive environment . Due to it’s versatility BG Web Scan is a tool for different departaments: Information Security Department, marketing department , PR-services, etc. Learn more about social media and Internet monitoring capabilities