BG WebScan

BG Web Scan is a tool for monitoring various sources in the Internet in order to catch the information thatthe customer is interested in as well as the further processing of the acquired results.

BG Web Scan serviceis provided by ITERANET Company in case of subscription and provides the possibility of including all thesources needed for the customer into the monitoring process. The service includes the following sources instandard: VKontakte, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Time of including the additional source variesfrom 2 to 14 days.

The full anonymity of requests is provided while using the service. This is due firstly to the fact that theservice work is not attached to the customer’s accounts in enumerated sources (for example in socialnetworks), secondly all requests are blurred in the common traffic that flows through the BG Web Scanserver. The customer obtains all the results he or her is interested in with low level of noise due to thesynonym’s dictionary and support of complex multi-level requests. The discovery mechanism and deliberatelydistorted words “understanding” function are integrated into the system. For example, the systemunderstands when figure “0” is used instead of letter “o”, as well as usage of similar letters from differentalphabets and pasting symbols (dots, dashes, underlinings, etc.) in words. Those publications, which can’tprocess indexation using standard methods, are available in search results due to the deobfuscation code.

BG Web Scan is a universal tool that can be used both by IT security officer, and by marketing, PR, and HRdepartments due to the technologies used in it. BG Web Scan is able to resolve various issues related tothese departments thanks for its flexible functionality.

Product-oriented capabilities:

  • Monitoring of sources in the Internet according to events/publications concerning the given subject in realtime option.
  • Rapid identification of organization’s sensitive information publication in the Internet.
  • Evaluation of users loyalty towards company’s products and services, personalities and brand.
  • Getting real-time data concerning the competitors activity.
  • Conducting of retrospective analysis of the published information in the connected sources.
  • Tracking of the publications life cycle, located in different sources.

BG Web Scan can serve as a part of IT security system or as a tool for conducting marketing researches,competitors analysis, evaluation of users loyalty towards brand thanks for the broad range of its capabilities. BG Web Scan is an ideal choice for organization of all sizes, types, and activities.

BG Web Scan advantages:

  • Online monitoring.
  • Customer’s interests anonymizing.
  • Prompt response for appearing discussions, comments, events.
  • No limitations in search subjects.
  • Request processing is conducted by the provider, so there is no load to the customer’s server.
  • The autonomously developed mechanism of content analysis:
    — The synonym dictionary
    — Deobfuscation code usage
    — Capability to create complex search requests that cannot be supported by conventional search engines.
  • Connecting additional sources upon user request.
  • Product fine adjustment according to the needed forums or groups.
  • A possibility to integrate into “Business Guardian” DLP-system.